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we're One of the group representing INdia during the 10th Student Leaders Convention.held at chs.this 5 days tt had past.gathered lotz of school.and one of e grp tt united together.stayed here.memories they had.laughter they shared.thoughts they influenced each other.and encourgement they had for each and every one.some of them cried.but in our heart we deeply know that we are there for each other.whenever we are happy or sad.India HRC stayed forever in our memories.

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we would like to thnkx Chinese High and Nanyang Girls for organising this convention.and let us meet..we realli veri grateful to know one another.thnkx once again =D
*** Thursday, July 29, 2004: .:oscar:. ***

HEY! Track and Field Nationals just passed.....it ROCKED....CHS rocked. CGS rocked. NYGH rocked. basically every school rocked. wahaha....then i was down there waving the flag....DID ANYONE SEE? harhar.....this saturday all of you come to huachong homecoming carnival kay? I'll call all of you.......=P All others who read this blog form other countries are welcome to join as well!!!!

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*** Thursday, July 22, 2004: -= busy busy busy =- ***

yoz ppl sry that i nv blog for sOoOoOO long!! hahahz...coz streaming coming..everyday gt alot pf projects to do..siGh..stressed...well common tests r comin tOO..chAm lor..haha..oscar and wei loeng arh..u 2 hor..like messed e blogspot up sia...like chatting..hhahaz...nvm..well how r u aLL?? weileong all e best for ur O level!!..and all e best to u all!!..examination coming...stUdy ppl!..esp. oscar arh..later mama go CHS wib a cane and whack u den u noe...!!!

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*** Tuesday, July 20, 2004: ***


1) Cheryl please write ur name first k...i noe i very smart can infer...but must think of others leh=P

haha....what girl? *feigns ignorance* i mean like my council daryl has enlightened me...so hopefully things will work out...but i heard loads of depressing stuff...though ego still exists in me...haha*winks* And i just love bouncing...and HAPPY RACIAL HARMONY DAY EVERYONE! Im in deep shit with my EP3 and my projects are in dire straits...one going to fail and one failed. Lolz....now i have to go see principal...but nvm bout that...jia you! Miss ya all!!!!! MUACKS

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*** Sunday, July 18, 2004: .: wEi lEoNg :. ***

hey u come to give messenge to everyone i also must rite.. haha
 Specially for Oscar!
hey others look away first private talk ....
Oscar: hey that girl how liao ???? hahahahaha missing her?? lovesick? haha keep it up ... soon u will see the 'fruits ' soon... hahahaha  nvr talk to her liao ar??? haha or just keeping it from me hahaha ...
okz u all can turn back now(LAME! i know...)
Iffy: dun always keafy liao .... wanna be president of course u can ..no prob u have all the support u can get fom the india hrc haha stay in contact .... haha laugh always next time see u complete with u .. i can laugh the same way as u do !!!! haha
Vinci : haha that piano thingy u send me kaoz... hey anyway work hard study hard .... stay ur smiley self always... next time play bb togethere again!
Abbas: haha yeah lorz... same as oscar  .... nvr hear from u liao.... come here leave a messenge okz haha SMILE!
Mee HAn: haha i know i  know TK won the band thingy.. haha happy rite... always see u shout here and there haha gentle abit la.. ( haha u gonna kill me haha) to attract guys wad... haha
Hannifah :... guide guide guide .... hahaa  hear from u also give us a messenge too .... haha
Yuru: haha that 5566 mad... 5566 here and there... nvr see u online one.. haha leave a messenge here too .... haha 5566 rulez mehz?? i doubt so hahaha
Nashreen: hey how's ur teenis now?? next time see maybe the next serena?? haha or venus?? haha PLAY HARD!
Kevin: hey u still miss us?? haah even u don't i DO! !!!!
 okz tell me u are there e-mail me!
Jessica: how's ur hua yi going on.... becoz of ur council nvr go with us for dinner.... u like that!! hahaha haha next time cannot like that okz.... sum1  misses u ...* wink winkz* ( for that person who ask u .. ar. ..... write sum ting ... on ur last entry .. haha)
Denise: yeah lorz... always see ur nick sad sad one or angry angry one.... must lax abit... haha msile more like .. erm .. erm?? oscar ( CANNOt that one call siao ... haha)
AMIRA!!!!!!!: how are u ??? i misses u alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot ... haha tell me u are ?? any ?? happy?? carzy any okz ... i misses u alot!
Cheryl: haha u fine?? i misses u too ... miss ya smile haha ....  

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Haiz...now i seem to be the only one blogging...wads with that? Haiz...exams drawing closer and closer...i guess everyone's studying liaoz...lolz....somehow council has enravelled me in this bz life...okayz...heres wad i have to say to each and every one b4 i go inactive in this blog to do council and study....
Wei Leong - Good luck for your 'O's!!! And good luck with ur social life as well...not that u'll need it
Iffy - YOU OWE ME THREE BUCKS!!! Wahaha...go and become the new NY president....u've got it in you....HUAZHONG!
Vinci - U arh...still spiking ur hair like hell... (continued in school)
Abbas - Hey hows you man...lost contact since SLC...come onto this blog!!!!
Mee Han - Hihi...u arh...send me more FF stuff leh...im addicted;) Haha... Good luck for ur studies...
Hanifah - Youz....dunnoe..... always must book before can organise dates with you...haha...systematic life...whee
Yuru - Lolz...good luck for that project!!!
Nashreen - ...Loss for words....HUAZHONG!!!!:p(being lame)
Kevin - Good luck back at the philippines...come next year for SLC...when i may be a fac or OT!!!! wahaha....
Jessica - YOU....come nanyang never come my school look for me....evil....worse than that u go back so fast for dance.... haiz...
Denise - You!!! Y ur nick always so depressed one...cheer up! You noe that someone will always be there for you....*wink*
Amira - Dunnoe why but u are sooo being wanted in chs by the facs....wahaha...and now u r outshining maznah...HUAZHONG!!! Come back next year k....at least for the grand finale....some seniors did that
Cheryl - Dun need to say here lar...nearly every morning see you....
All of you sweeties and hugables - ROCK ON!!!!  IDIHRC STILL ROCKS AND WILL ALWAYS ROCK!!! haha....good luck for all ur exams....and all of you come back for next year SLC k? *MUACKS* and come here much more often kz...... whee!!!! And I'll organise an end-of-year if posible....all had BETTER come...dun waste my efforts....:p

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*** Friday, July 09, 2004: Im sooo busy ***


Hi everyone...Im currently in the middle of dying...haiz....Im now so busy with track and field nationals...im gonna be screwed tomolo, and theres always another event to take care of...but so long as its council...it ROCKS!!! Hope everyone here is FINE with their studies...and btw india's the only country that hasn't gone out together!!! How can?!?!? OUTRAGEOUS i say...anyway, cya pple soon!

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hey PPL..so mani hw coming sia..and a gd news wanna share wib u all!!moi skol TANJONG KATONG SEC SCHOOL ish 25th autonomous skol! hahahz and won e BEST DISPLAY BAND..for band la..sry nise..beat ur skol..oPPS..hahaz..and well u all gone to??!!..all bz huh?..well well i took moi council badge 2 days ago..hahaz..so i am a confirmed councillor!! yiPee..hahahz so mani gd news coming up to moi skol..moi skol finally approved to hav lockers at skol..hahaaz...so HAPPI..well how r u guys den?? how r u all doing??

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*** Friday, July 02, 2004: in school ***


so sian sia.... in school now.... waiting for 2 o'clock to come......'O'level chinese oral sian.... somemore i am the second last person to be tested.... more sian .... think gonna wait till 5 liao... how am i suppose wait.... ARGH!!!!!! how yeah guys latele... know that oscar busy with his school thingy ... performance ... denise with her council.... the rest??? then later going bugis for tution.... SIAN!!!!! SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL WORK WORK WORK WHY!!!!!!!!!! hahhaa okz okz .... my school having musical nitez next wed haha .... yeah everyone there is a new forum official liaozzzz so every one go to the XSLC mianweb to check it out.... erm... the old icon to the old forum have change into icon that leads to the new forum liaozzzzz... kz.... misses you all lotz

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*** Tuesday, June 29, 2004: ***


Yoz everyone!!! School seriously contrasts with SLC...missing SLC sooo much... haha i've juz received a hint that i might be in SLC OT next year..haha...anyway, hope everyone is doing well in school = doing the direct opposite of me...and COME TO HUMANITITES NIGHT!!! I'll be performing a musical/play...then if you want a great big laugh and want to burn $5 off to burst your stomach, then this IS the place for you!!! contact me as soon as possible k....and i looked through the database and saw all the participants and facilitators consent forms....juz three comments

1) to Wei Leong: Nice hair dude!!!:p
2) to Boon Yuru: Wassup with the blownup pic? Its freaking funny
3) to Jessica: You look black. Seriously

And i got soem of your addresses so dun get shocked when i go knocking on ur doors...haha....dats all

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*** Monday, June 28, 2004: .:lEoNg:. ***

haha me lehz work piling up AGAIN!!!!!!! kaoz couldn't we all sec 4 get any rest???? haiz no chioce 'O' this year so.... gotto ..... if not how to cope ... erm did i mention i have to complete 10 sets of e maths paper and its FULL set i mean paper1&2 haiz........*wondering* haha kz kz how the rest going on.. looks like only iffy mee han oscar and me are active here the rest ? where are u ... hahaha notes notes notes yeah not to mention notes too!!!!! haha STRESS UP!!!! hahaha okz i still can manage to laugh .... kinda too stress up tilll i am mad ... someday should go to hougang chalet liao.......

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 9:08:00 PM


cooL!..first day of skol.rather slacking e whole day.=p.erm..chinese version quite easy wad..


if not worng shuld be like tt ba

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 7:35:00 PM


Whee.. first day of school! How are you guys? Lucky for me, i have no homework whatsoever!!! lalalala... I propose that we should have a HRCINDIA-CHALET-GATHERING at the end of the year... at a chalet *nods*... and we shall bring balloons and POP them....

btw, let me ask you guys a question: do you know the EXACT lyrics for the chinese version of "Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star" Muahahahahaha... i have asked 14 people and none of them do... whee

Conclude that i have no deprived childhood while everyone else has... *fwee*

ps. can we align the layout to the left. With the middle, it is too squashED!!!! *nods*

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*** Friday, June 25, 2004: .:lEoNg:. ***


i misses u alll very much... take lots of care ..i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! MUUACKZ MUUACKZ

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ppl..e url for e pic above right..e top top top la.ish not applicable liao.sigh...so i had change e layout..again..hahahaz..hope dere wun be aniting wrong wib it again...

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*** Wednesday, June 23, 2004: ***


Hi everyone!!! Nice music change(if there is ANY change*looks at mee han*) k haha...tomolo iffy's coming back!!! wahoo! no one going but me... haiz... haha... then today amira rated the girls in HRC...the first three anyway... here goes:
1. Herself (ego!)
2. Jessica (YEAH!!!!)
3. Hanifah :p

muahahaha.... and btw im broke buying prezzies for people liao...hai...

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yipee finally changed e bg music le.hAix!e song rather sounded sad.well.tish nice la.but if u all dun like it and prefer e previous wan i can change it back.comments here or at e tagboard lor.well iffy ish coming back tml!hu's gonna welcome her back?*sounded tt iffy ish a VIP*..hahahaz.skol gonna reopen le!!ahHHHHHHhhHHh!haven finish hw..siGh..

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 5:59:00 PM


I SAW THE PICTUERS THAT YOU TOOK WITH DARREN!! iwannabetheretoo!!! *sniff* IT wAS SO PRETTEW!!! pfft....

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 9:35:00 AM


IWENTTOTHEZOOTODAY!!!! it was really really weird. The car ride was really long. We sat in one of those big vans. The easiest way to get close to guys is by sitting in a over-sized SUV... wheeeeeeeeeee. It was so FUN!! We were like singing and playing in the van. It was so loud that we were stopped by a policeman.. it was so so WEIRD. Policemen here stop you for the weirdest reason. OUR CAR GOT MAULED BY SOME TIGER.. it was so so scary... yet FUNNY at the same time.. the zoo was one of those you-drive-the car-along-the-road-and-the-animals-come-up-to-you-zoo.

My reaction:
PAssing the monkey: OH Look! SO CUTE!! Tunggu (wait)
PAssing the rhino: Ai YOH! So Smelly! JAlan (go)
PAssing the lions: Coming Coming already. Jalan Jalan
PAssing the Bears: AHHHHH!! JALAN CHUPATAN (go! Hurry up!)

wheeeeee... and i was piggy-back across this long long river thingy by the handsomeST of the lot... wheeeee... oh and THEY CHEAT AT SOCCER.. we were playing in the BIG BIG house and the field was next to the swimming poool and halfway in the game when i was kicking the ball, THEY PUSHED ME INTO THE POOL.. but i took my revenge alright, i pulled them in later... wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! hmmm.. going to the mall today. IT IS SO CHEAP HERE!! *swoons* THEY WROTE A SONG FOR ME!!! THE TITLE OF THE SONG IS EVELYN!!!!AHHHH!!!!

*muacks* miss you guys! Bought loads of present!! hee heee.... but they look real weird.. oh well....I AM SURVIVING ON DONUTS HERE.... the only fast food restaurants here are KFC and Dunkcin' Donuts. I saw the state o the food and i was like "NO WAY AM I GONNA EAT THAT" so... I AMD SURVIVING ON DONUTS!! *wheeeee*

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yoz ppl.school re-opening soon.dead.hahaz.haven do hw.seem indo ish fun huh? btw i might receiving iffy on thrusday.must see moi busy time-table can fit in anot.=p.well so boring at home sia.nth to do.compared to those five days.at least can run here and dere.skol starts tt means we all will be busy wib hw!!..so all the best to u all!..and those hu haven started their hw..*aHeM*..faster do la.if not first day of skol.kena t'cher scold.bad luck wan.LOLX.wun be coming online tt often animore.tish yr streaming.gonna get serious.but how serious i can be?*thinking*..forget it..lolx.so u all take 'good' care of tish blog okie =D..thNKx..

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*** Tuesday, June 22, 2004: ***


Hi everyone! Hmm....INDO sounds so fun..... anyone up for thurs afternoon? IFFY's coming back...ALL in favour of receiving her back please say 'i'...all not in favour please say 'nay' *shiver

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 9:30:00 AM


These are the essential words to survive in Indonesia.

1. Jus Jerup (orange juice)
2. Pansit (won ton)
3. Tresma Kasi (thank you)
4. Ini (this one)
5. Ber Upa (how much)
6. MBak (Auntie)
7. and lastly, DISCOUNT!!! (though i won't really consider that a indonesian word) *shrug*

MIss you guys loads... *muacks* I bought present *nods* Today, i am going to the zoo to see some skinny lions who my parents call "Kampong Lion"

Quotes that i just have to say

1. "Yeah, and then her brain ah.. EXPLODE loh... *boom*" (talking about my insanity?)
2. "Mr bird got hit by an umbrella" (translation of a song that i am TRYIng to learn)

Bah... Yesterday in the evening was so funny. There was this little boy in the neighbourhood. He kinda lost his kite up in the tree and so he was like crying but no one was helping him, so i help him loh. I CLIMBED UP THE TREE ~whee.... then he was like (translate) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, OH FOREIGN LADY.... bah.. and i was like TRYing to tel him "Its OK" with my er... slip-shod movements... lalalalalalala oh don't i rock....

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*** Sunday, June 20, 2004: *sniffles* ***



India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 11:53:00 PM

*muacks* *huggles* oooo.. i miss you guys loads! Whee. This is like my first blog post here *nods* INdo is fine. Its a little bit dirty though and the ROAD IS CRAZY!!!! Twinkie and distant-twinkie, the dog is like still alive and is awfully nice to hug!!! TWINKIE!!! I FORGOT TO SCOLD YOU!!! YOU DIDN'T CALL ME AND SO I DID NOT GET A CHANCE TO SAY BYE BYE TO DARREN!! *sniff* PLUS, Twinkies are suppose to be a geppers thing... but oh well.. the more the merrier ^-^!! I SAW SOME GUY PEE INTO THE DRAIN!! I WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED!! *bleargh* WHY IS M PICTURE ON THE GROUP PHOTO LOOK AS IF THERE IS THIS LIKE GLASS WALL IN FRONT OF ME!! pfft!!!ooo. and my cousin had like these guys staying over at her house and THEY ARE ALL SO HANDSOME!!!! shall show you guys some of their pictures!!


*muacks* miss you guys!! i shall blog again tomorrow and if you guys read this, come online about 10 to 11 tomorrow in the morning, i will probably be online then!!!!

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.: meehan :.

hey people..i sent iffy off today.she was sick.hahaz.tink was e ice-cream tt "SLC ice-cream" hahaz.some ppl shuld noe what i referring to!lalala.b4 tt mi oscar and iffy sent the indian off.real indian.haahz.she went to hug alot of ppl.so touching the scene.sigh.den i went home la.tt st00pid oscar dun wanna go home nor stay at e airport.and this twinkie of mine.follow moi home lor.hahaz.den after 10 min at moi home.we went off again.back to airport.to send Darren off.e australian la.hahaz.den after that went bedok Mac for dinner.wib other 2 ppl lor.hahaz.den we had quite a fun time dere.=D.so how's u guys doing?

Yipee yah yah~~ India HRC rox!!gonna miss iffy hahaz.

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hey there's a link here for the new forum for XSLC members go and register kz ... haha i registered...

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*** Saturday, June 19, 2004: ***


Hey peeps. decided to post an entry b4 i log off the last time today. thanks to mee han for setting up this blog. =) wondering why's iffy going to indo.. hrms. neway..so nice of osc to buy those swans. -laughs- ahem. cant meet y'all up agn tmr..have a family gathering for lunch. slipped outta my mind. nvm. as long as it isnt the end of the world..chances are all over. -_- so philosophical. right..that's all for now. wont forget the times we had.. =))
Miss you guys so so much! India HRC rawks the world!

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 10:22:00 PM


hey ya guys ... after this holiday i will be very busy already so its up to u all to keep this grp and blog moving onwards kz... i promise u all once i finish wad i am suppose to do ... i will be back active in this grp again... i won't be gone forever .. just just inactive for a while .... i love you all kz... BE LOUD! i am gonna miss all of u .... I am glad i now all of u ... TAKE LOTS OF CARE......

-:we start by strangers and leave as friends, in this world goods things will always end. Yet all of us wished its not the end becoz we were forever be friends....:- (self-composed by leong copyrighted).

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everyone..i had created a blog for India HRC la.hahaz.well soon i will e-mail u all e username and e password so u all.hehe.keep tt a sercet okie?..den u all can login at www.blogger.com..to post a post like wad i doing now.=D.but b4 aniting.pls state hu r u at e top left hand corner.and pls dun sabo okie.=D.well tml iffy and kevin ish leaving singapore.iffy to indo.kevin to philipines.so u all wanna send dem off?i meeting iffy lor.ppl if wanna join den sms or find mi at msn.=D.i meeting her for lunch.and ocsar ish joining too~~

India Human Rights Council wished upon a star at 4:15:00 PM


Hi everyone! New blog!!!! Bye to iffy.... hope you have a great time! And btw who didn't take my prezzie arh? So horrible....

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